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Breast Augmentation Correction with Strattice

Breast enhancement and augmentation are common procedures in the plastic and cosmetic surgery world. Unfortunately, the results of breast augmentation don’t always stay permanent, due to weak tissue and adaptations of the body.

To correct any asymmetry or contracture that has occurred, Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix is quickly becoming an important and reliable tool. It is designed to reinforce weak tissue, and assists Dr. Crofts in correcting complications after breast surgery.

What is it?

Strattice is a soft, natural product, made from porcine dermis. Other porcine materials are already used in other surgical procedures, including heart valve replacements. It is a well-accepted material in the surgical community.

Who is it used for?

Secondary breast revision plastic surgery is needed for women who are experiencing complications from primary breast plastic surgery. Strattice can also be used for primary augmentation/lift procedures for extra support. Here are some of the issues that may require revision.
  • Bottoming Out / Stretch Deformity: The Breast drops lower than desired due to skin stretching.
  • Fold Malposition: Lower or side breast border moves down or to the side.  
  • Symmastia: Breasts migrate too close together. Reinforcement may be needed on the interior sides of the breasts.
  • Wrinkling and Rippling: Visible folds and wrinkling generally attributed to thin tissue.
  • Capsular Contracture: Capsule around the breast tightens, or becomes abnormally thick. This is the most common reason for reoperation within four years of primary augmentation.*
Most of these conditions are due to weak tissue that doesn’t properly support an implant. In each case, Strattice helps reinforce weak tissue, allowing the plastic surgeon to perform lasting revisions. Strattice also supports the breast implant and controls the pocket size.
Breast deformity can be difficult to talk about, but revision with Strattice can provide desired, lasting results. Come consult with Dr. Crofts about whether or not Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix can help you.