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Breast Augmentation Today

Breast Augmentation Today

Breast enhancement has been sought throughout the ages. Not until the modern era and the introduction of the silicone implant have we been able to produce such beautifully enhanced breasts. In fact, some attempts at early breast enlargement include woodcarvings, sponges, injections and so forth. Today, implants have come a long way and are very effective at achieving a beautiful breast. Many new implants have come to market but most recently a unique implant was introduced into the U.S. market by Allergan, the Inspira implant. Inspira is a revolutionary new implant filled with a more cohesive yet softer gel known as Truform 2 (Truform 1 available now). In addition, the implant has a higher fill volume, resulting in a more natural look and feel.

I first learned about Inspira Impants in the spring of 2013 while attending an international plastic surgery meeting in Eilat, Israel. The Inspira implants have been used in other countries since 1994, and were finally approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. this year. In many ways, they represent a progression in the field of breast enhancement. Since the average fill in every Inspira implant is greater, there is less chance that the implant will ripple or fold. More importantly, a fuller implant yields a more natural look and feel.

Inspira implants are designed to be very customizable to the patient. They offer multiple shell and projection options as well as sizes to accommodate virtually every body type, achieving a desirable result. Patients should consult with their plastic surgeon about their options and what is best for them.

Options: Styles, Shells, Gels

Breast augmentation should be individualized to each and every patient. With varying gels, projection types and shell textures, every woman can achieve the natural look and feel that she desires.

Styles: Inspira breast implants come in a variety of styles, from low and wide to high and narrow in projection. This is important for helping achieve the most natural look possible.

Shells: The outside SHELL of an implant comes in different varieties. Women can get either smooth or textured implants depending upon the individual needs of the patient. Textured implants may be recommended to reduce potential movement of the implant, which is important with contoured or shaped implants or in subglandular placement to reduce the risk of capsular contracture (scar formation). Smooth implants on the other hand are the most commonly used implants in the U.S. and are typically placed submuscularly to give a more natural feel to the breast.

Gels: There are multiple generations of cohesive gels available (e.g. gummy bear). Inspira introduces a new silicone gel that creates a more cohesive implant that remains soft and natural, Truform2.

Who Should Consider Breast Implants?

Breast implant surgery enhances a woman’s sense of femininity and beauty. Augmentation works to restore lost breast volume once enjoyed or to give a woman the fullness and contour never experienced.

Inspira is an excellent option for women looking to replace or revise saline or silicone implants that were placed in the past. Millions of women fall under this category. Cosmetic breast reconstruction done by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon can correct problematic implants and improve appearance drastically.

Most women are very happy with their breast implants. It has been shown that breast enhancement can positively affect everything from self-image to social relations to attractiveness. Inspira implants offer an improved option for fullness and natural beauty that previous generations of breast implants have not provided.

Inspira breast implants as well as other brands are available at Aesthetica. There are many good options suitable to the needs of all patients. Come visit us at Aesthetica and learn about which options are available to help you achieve your ideal.