Orem, Utah Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Popularity Increase of Breast Lifts - Crofts MD Plastic Surgery

Orem, Utah Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Popularity Increase of Breast Lifts

Orem, Utah Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Popularity Increase of Breast Lifts

Society president Dr. Robert Murphy recently said that there were more than 90,000 breast lifts performed in the U.S. last year.Utah breast lift at Aesthetica

Before discussing the reasoning for the spike in popularity, it’s imperative that patients understand the difference between breast augmentation and breast lifts.
Dr. Kimball Crofts of Aesthetica performs both procedures on a regular basis. His goal is to ultimately form an attractive breast while still providing a natural look and feel.

Let’s start with breast augmentation, which yields an increase of the size and projection of the breast. However, we don’t alter the basic shape of the breast.
Although we do our best to cater to each patient’s specific ambitions, breast augmentation is typically chosen by women in their 30s.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, involves restoring saggy breasts to a perkier, youthful state. Dr. Crofts relies on the tissue patients already have to conduct a successful mastopexy. If the tissue is inadequate for whatever reason, Dr. Crofts will use a combination of mastopexy and augmentation.

A fairly large percentage of our breast lift patients are moms, in addition to women in their 40s. They arrive at Aesthetica with the mindset of improving the shape of their breasts rather than the size.

They come out of the procedure feeling not only sexier, but also healthier.

Do you think you could be a candidate for a mastopexy procedure? Aesthetica owns a reputation as one of the superior plastic surgery practices in the area.

Dr. Crofts specializes in breast, body, face and skin procedures that instill a new sense of confidence in patients. He’s always knowledgeable about the latest technology involved in plastic surgery and offers a variety of options for patients.

Give us a call if you feel that a breast lift could change your life for the better. Dr. Crofts is an active member of the ASPS and has certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Aesthetica is a trusted provider of cosmetic treatment and surgery in the Orem, Lindon and Salt Lake City areas. Please contact our office to learn more about our stunning, innovative procedures.