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Breast Re-augmentation

What is Breast Re-Augmentation?

The goal of breast re-augmentation is to create beautiful-looking breasts that look and feel natural or to address concerns from a previous breast augmentation.  Some patients just need to replace older implants while others may be concerned about breast implant positioning problems, sagging breast tissue (ptosis), implant rupture, symmastia  and/ or capsular contracture. These are things Dr. Crofts will address with you during your consultation.

The Aesthetica Difference

Dr. Crofts has performed thousands of re-augmentations over his 22 years as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Crofts has become known as one of the most experienced re-augmentation doctors in Utah and is often referred by other doctors.  Breast re-augmentation can be very difficult and Dr. Crofts experience in dealing with complicated re-augmentation cases provides you with options to maximize your results including reconstruction with strattice (an acellular reconstructive tissue matrix to support the tissue and hold the breast pocket in the desired location).  We also offer several different options of silicone implants available including the gummy bear implants to tailor results to meet the patient’s needs.

Journey to Confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who are concerned about the appearance of their breasts after augmentation or patients who want to replace their implants.

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