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types of breast implants

Breast augmentation is a common surgical procedure that Dr. Crofts performs to enhance the shape and size of patients’ breasts. When considering breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to consider the different kinds of breast implant options and discuss your goals with Dr. Crofts so he can help you choose the best option for your body and the results you wish to achieve.

breast implant types

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile water (saline). If these implants were to rupture, you would immediately notice, as the implant would deflate quickly. Your body is able to absorb the saline and get rid of it naturally.

Cohesive or “Gummy Bear” Implants

Also known as form-stable implants, cohesive implants have thicker gel consistency to them.  Cohesive implants maintain their shape better and may feel slightly more firm than some other implants. The implants Dr. Crofts uses for his patients are typically Natrelle brand, the #1 selected gummy implant collection which includes three different gummy gels: Responsive, SoftTouch, and Cohesive. Silicone gel breast implants tend to feel more natural and similar to breast tissue. If you choose to get silicone breast implants, we recommend that patients get regular ultrasound or MRI screening to be sure the implant is intact and not compromised. Silicone gel breast implants ruptures may not be detectable without screening. 

Round Breast Implants

Round shape breast implants are the most popular choice for breast augmentation surgery.  Round implants add both fullness to the lower and upper breast. Round implants can move freely in the breast pocket. Most patients prefer the ample cleavage they can attain with round implants. 

Smooth Breast Implants

Like the name implies, smooth breast implants have a smooth outer shell. Textured implants have a rough outer shell which tends to feel a little thicker. Textured implants are typically used in breast reconstruction after cancer. Most patients prefer smooth implants. 

Breast Implant Profile

Another factor to consider is the breast implant profile. Implant profile refers to the overall shape of an implant and is determined by three dimensions: volume, projection, and diameter or width.  The lower the profile the less projection an implant will have, the higher the profile the more projection an implant will have. Dr. Crofts will help you find the right profile based on the size implant you desire and your anatomy.

Dr. Crofts has performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures. He has an artistic eye and this combined with his advanced surgical techniques to give his patients exceptional, beautiful, and natural-looking results. We have several implants available for patients to try on during their breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Crofts. Contact us today to book your breast augmentation consultation.

different types of breast implants

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