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Upper Arm Lift Procedures Have Spiked Since 2000

Upper Arm Lift Procedures Have Spiked Since 2000

That’s why so many plastic surgeons believe arm lifts in women have gone through the roof since 2000. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 300 women received an upper arm lift procedure. In 2012, more than 15,000 did.

“Ideal candidates for a brachioplasty typically present a loose hammock effect of this skin,” says Orem plastic surgeon Dr. Kimball Crofts. “What we do is basically lift the arm tissue back into their natural positions, holding them more effectively. This yields a firmer, more attractive look for the patient.”

In March 2013, a poll conducted by ASPS confirmed that women are paying closer attention to the arms of female celebrities, specifically first lady Michelle Obama and Jennifer Anniston. Other women who ranked high in the poll included Jessica Biel, Kelly Ripa and Demi Moore.

“These are all beautiful, successful women,” says Dr. Crofts. “You can transform your body through diet and exercise, but still may not be able to achieve your ideal image. An arm lift can be very rewarding for the right candidates.”

Depending on the surgeon you choose, a brachioplasty costs around $4,000. Based on additional ASPS statistics, most upper arm lifts are completed after the patient undergoes a massive weight loss. It’s also interesting to note that while women ages 40-54 are the most popular demographic for the procedure, 321 men had an upper arm lift in 2012.

Brachioplasty candidates occasionally wonder about the significant scar left below the arm from the procedure results. However, Dr. Crofts feels that the new attractive look clearly outweighs this.

“When patients realize that the large amount of fat and skin are gone from their arm, they don’t mind the scar,” he says.
You may already eat healthy, regularly exercise and maintain an enjoyable lifestyle. But if you could use some extra confidence in removing that annoying arm fat, choose the incredible arm lift/liposuction procedure offered by Dr. Crofts.

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