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ASPS to Celebrate Third Annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

ASPS to Celebrate Third Annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

On October 15, Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day takes place in cities throughout the nation. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Plastic Surgery Foundation put on this event in order to help those diagnosed with breast cancer understand their options to heal. This day celebrates the resilience of women who have dealt with breast cancer. Organizers and attendees also pay tribute to those who have lost friends or family members as a result.

BRA Day centers on the fact that breast cancer patients can enjoy a personalized treatment plan from a certified plastic surgeon that can help them go through a successful reconstructive procedure. The ASPS has even created a free downloadable breast reconstruction planner to guide patients through the recovery process.

Orem plastic surgeon Dr. Kimball Crofts is highly experienced in performing breast reconstruction cases. Though BRA Day is still gaining traction, he believes it can have a major impact on a woman’s healing process from breast cancer.

“We treat October with a great deal of reverence,” says Dr. Crofts. “Breast cancer remains a major obstacle for many women and their families. This day is meant to bring hope to breast cancer patients and get them to see the psychological lift that comes from a reconstruction procedure.”

There’s a good chance you’ll be reminded of how you can catch breast cancer in the early stage. But it never hurts to hear it one more time.

“Consult your physician for a regular mammogram,” explains Dr. Crofts. But self-checks can be just as important. The earlier breast cancer is caught, the greater chance you have to recover smoothly.”

Dr. Kimball Crofts is a trusted provider of cosmetic treatment and surgery in the Orem, Provo and American Fork areas. For additional information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, please visit the ASPS website.