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What is facelift surgery?

The goal of face lift surgery is to restore a more youthful and natural facial appearance through tightening underlying facial structures along with removing excess skin and fatty tissue.  Through facelift surgery, patients enjoy a refreshed look and love the improvement in their overall appearance including the neck and jowl area.

The Aesthetica Difference

Dr. Crofts has performed hundreds of face lifts over his more than 22 years as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Face lift surgery takes a very skilled and experienced surgeon to restore a youthful appearance all while preserving nerves and minimizing incisions. Dr. Crofts’ goal is to not have you look like a different person but to look like a younger you! Dr. Crofts’ artistic eye and experience with face lift procedures will give you the confidence in knowing he can assist you in reaching your surgical goals in the safest way possible.

Journey to Confidence


Anyone who is noticing aging in the face with jowls or loose neck skin present.

The cost of facelift surgery starts at $8,900.

Most patients say they look like themselves 10 years ago. The goal of facelift surgery is to have you look like a younger you.

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