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What is Liposuction Surgery?

The goal of liposuction is to remove unfavorable localized fat deposits utilizing a vacuum that creates negative pressure applied through a cannula. Vaser liposuction utilizes ultrasound energy that breaks up the fat before it is removed with a cannula.  Renuvion liposuction uses radiofrequency and helium plasma to contract and tighten the soft tissue along with the fat removal.  Dr. Crofts will review these options with you during your consultation. Call our office today 801-785-8825 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Crofts to learn more about liposuction surgery!

The Aesthetica Difference

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Crofts has performed thousands of liposuction procedures.  At Aesthetica we offer liposuction, Renuvion liposuction, and VASER liposuction as well as non-surgical treatments for fat reduction which allow Dr. Crofts to customize a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Dr. Crofts is always looking for the safest and most advanced technology to offer his patients. VASER Liposuction is the latest innovation in liposuction surgery. VASER stands for Vibratory Amplification of Sound Energy by Resonance. Fat aspiration is made easier with VASER liposuction. There is also minimal disturbance to the surrounding tissues, which makes the procedure faster, and less traumatic with an optimal result.

This technology allows Dr. Crofts to remove the fat in a way that minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissue. Patients can expect a smoother and less painful recovery when Vaser and traditional liposuction are done together. The recovery for VASER is similar to traditional liposuction. The advantages of VASER are less pain, swelling, and downtime as well as less risk for skin irregularities and overall postoperative discomfort.

Journey to Confidence


Renuvion addresses loose skin and combines helium plasma with radiofrequency to target connective tissues which creates a skin tightening effect. During your consultation Dr. Crofts will review your options with you and recommend the procedures that work best for you.

Most patients have very small, minimal scars just big enough for the liposuction cannula to fit. The incisions are made as discreetly as possible.

The price of liposuction starts at $5,200 for the first area and each additional area starts at $2,800. The overall cost of liposuction surgery varies by the areas you’d like to address. This price includes expenses for the operating room, anesthesia, and Dr. Crofts fees. Once you come in for a consultation with Dr. Crofts, you will receive a quote for the cost of your surgery.

We have a set number of fat cells as adults and once these cells are removed they can’t come back. However, patients will still have fat cells that can continue to expand if weight is put on after surgery. It is important to follow a health regimen to maintain your weight so you can enjoy your results.

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