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New Year’s Resolutions and Plastic Surgery

New Year's Resolutions and Plastic Surgery

Every year, millions of people take back their lives and increase their confidence through plastic surgery procedures. If you’ve been dieting, exercising and making other changes to your life but still haven’t found that confidence you’re looking for, a visit to a Utah plastic surgeon might be the difference you need.
“Plastic surgery is a wonderful art form that can take the inner beauty of someone and manifest it on the outside,” says Dr. Kimball Crofts. “My goal is to help patients restore something they’ve lost or achieve something they’ve never had to improve their lives and increase their self-esteem along the way.
We all desire to look and feel our best. We seek out the latest diet fads, creams and exercise crazes. But when that doesn’t make a dent, where can we turn?
The first step to achieving a better you is to make a commitment to taking care of yourself. Plastic surgery alone can’t change your life, but you can make changes that will create a lasting impact. Diet and exercise are a wonderful first step to creating a healthier, more confident you. It’s important to craft a plan that fits into your lifestyle and is one you can maintain. Fad diets and exercise routines come and go, so find a plan that works for you and stick to it.
Some find, however, that even with a commitment to healthy eating and exercise, they have stubborn areas of their body that just don’t seem to change. If you fall into this category, liposuction might be able to help. Even people with excellent diets and exercise habits can find areas of their bodies that just don’t respond. Love handles and saddle bags can occur even on the healthiest of people.
Dr. Crofts can help you meet your New Year’s goals through targeted liposuction. Combined with your healthy eating and exercising, you can embrace 2015 in the body you’ve worked hard for.
Likewise, plastic surgery can be a wonderful option for people who have worked hard to achieve their ideal weight, but now have excess skin because of it. If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, but are now self-conscious because of sagging skin, Dr. Crofts can help. Reward yourself in 2015 with a body lift to remove that excess skin and tighten up your body.
If you’ve resolved to be happier in 2015, have you considered a dose of Botox to help? As we age, our skin begins to sag and our faces can look angry or sad, even when we aren’t. Botox can help remove the heavy lines and wrinkles that weigh our faces down. But, studies have also shown in recent years that people who receive Botox injections might be happier. That’s because the injections can inhibit the muscles that cause a person to frown. Multiple studies have shown that the physical manifestations of our emotions can actually trigger how we feel. So if you have less of an ability to frown, you might actually be happier!
Most New Year’s resolutions come and go, but don’t let a desire to achieve a better you slip out of your grasp. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Crofts to discover the difference plastic surgery can make on your outlook on life. Make 2015 the year to discover the best version of you.