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ASPS Study Says Breast Lifting May Decrease Bra Size

ASPS Study Says Breast Lifting May Decrease Bra Size

According to last month’s issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, women who underwent a mastopexy saw their breasts decrease an average of one bra cup size.

Dr. Kimball Crofts of Salt Lake City, a go-to plastic surgeon for breast lift procedures, sees the results as very encouraging.

“The purpose of a breast lift is to restore saggy breasts to a perkier state,” explains Dr. Crofts. “It’s interesting because postoperatively, our patients experience a bra fit that’s more accurate to their actual cup size. Many women sacrifice not wearing the correct bra size for comfort reasons.”

During the study, 20 women who underwent a breast lift at an average age of 47 years were given a follow-up survey. They were asked to compare their bra cup size preoperatively and five years later. They reported an average decrease of about one cup size, while also adding that there was no change in bra manufacturer.

Most importantly, each of the participants explained their satisfaction with the results, even five years after the procedure.

Dr. Crofts sees many patients come in for a mastopexy on a regular basis. It remains one of the most popular plastic surgery options and ranks as the ideal choice for women who have gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“For women in their 40s, a lift provides not only a younger looking shape of the breast, but also promotes more comfort in general,” he says. “And even though some of our patients fear the associated scars at first, that doubt turns into joy once they see the end result.”

Consider Dr. Crofts for all your plastic surgery needs. He is board certified and one of the leading experts in his field.

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