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Eyelid Surgery an Easy Way to Look Younger

Eyelid Surgery an Easy Way to Look Younger

Therefore, it makes sense to want beautiful eyes. Someone with attractive eyes comes off as a person you’d like to get to know and have a conversation with.

Getting older, however, sometimes leads people to getting dark circles or excess wrinkles beneath their eyes. Droopy eyelids can decrease self-confidence and even feel very heavy at times.

Dr. Peter D. Geldner of Chicago explains that our eyelids begin to lose elasticity in the skin as we age. That thin skin then begins to stretch, leading to folds that can hang down over the edge of the upper eyelids. People occasionally feel the skin actually ‘sitting’ on their eyelashes.

So why exactly does this happen?

Well, fat can protrude through and create bags under our eyes when the muscles below our skin become weaker. And once the upper eyelids begin to weaken and droop, wrinkle lines consequently form around the area.

The end result shows a sleepy, tired look that can be frustrating to deal with.

You may have already tried wrinkle creams, lotions and other products that promise to correct those dark circles or bags. At Aesthetica, Dr. Kimball Crofts offers a successful eyelid surgery treatment that leaves patients feeling youthful and attractive once again.

The Utah plastic surgeon understands why the Blepharoplasty ranks as one of the most popular plastic surgery options today. It provides fantastic results with minimal risk, cost and recovery time. Depending on the unique situation of the patient, Dr. Crofts can supplement the eyelid surgery with a facelift or nose surgery.

A Blepharoplasty yields beneficial changes for a patient’s appearance; however, it consists of a fairly easy procedure. Once Dr. Crofts makes tiny incisions in the natural contours of the eyes, any fatty tissue from the upper eyelids is removed. The experienced plastic surgeon then tightens any loose skin before moving on to the lower eyelids.

At this point, Dr. Crofts eliminates dark circles and puffiness. Because he holds himself to the highest of expectations, he may also use a combination of Botox and laser technology to create the best results for patients.

In just a few hours, Dr. Crofts can rejuvenate a discouraged patient with baggy eyes to an energized one with beautiful eyes. The long-lasting results leave patients feeling great and completely satisfied.

If you think you may be a candidate for eyelid surgery from Dr. Crofts, check out the Aesthetica website and go through the before and after photos of previous patients. Dr. Crofts is skilled, experienced and communicates regularly with his patients throughout the treatment process.

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