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Breast Augmentation Can Improve Quality of Life

Breast Augmentation Can Improve Quality of Life

A questionnaire developed by the office medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was completed by 611 women regarding their results. The survey encompassed several areas, including breast satisfaction, psychosocial, sexual and physical well-being. Satisfaction with care was also part of the questionnaire.

Overall, the degree of improvements in life quality was substantial. At Aesthetica, Dr. Kimball Crofts specializes in breast augmentation procedures for Orem and Provo residents.

The Utah plastic surgeon doesn’t view breast augmentation as purely physical enhancement, however. As with all of his other procedures, Dr. Crofts combines your aesthetic sense of natural beauty with his surgical skill and expertise.

Patients are left with stunning, natural-looking and healthy results. In turn, breast augmentation from Dr. Crofts can lead to a domino effect.

Let’s look at the psychosocial effects first. When you finally have breasts that you are proud of, you have confidence when you’re out with a group of friends. Plus, you have a better mood to go with it.

When you consider breast augmentation, know that you are getting a terrific return on your investment. Our professional staff and elite plastic surgeon know that you will get a boost physically, psychologically and sexually.

Remember that Aesthetica offers an array of plastic surgery procedures, including body, face and skin treatments. We use only the most advanced and effective technology to achieve the most optimal results for our patients.

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