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3 Tips For A Rapid Post-Surgery Recovery

Eat the right foods.

It’s no secret that eating the right foods boosts your immune system, which, in turn, gives you the nutrients you need to fight infection. This would explain why a healthy diet can do wonders when it comes to helping you recover after surgery. A balanced diet consisting of nuts, lean meats, fruits and vegetables is a great way to start.


Can music really help you recover after surgery?

A recent review involving 7,000 patients published by The Lancet suggests that listening to music before, during and after surgery reduces pain, anxiety and even the need for pain medication.

Researchers stated, “The experience of listening to music could actually lower the activity of our nervous system, reducing our pulse rate, breathing and blood pressure.”

As far as what type of music to listen to, well, that’s up to you.  Listen to what makes you feel good and if hard rock is your happy place then rock on!

Stay Hydrated.

Drinking enough water is always important, but it’s even more important prior to surgery. Most doctors advise patients not to eat or drink anything after midnight prior to surgery. This makes it extremely important to drink plenty of water the days leading to your surgery to prevent dehydration.

These are great starting points on your road to recovery and super easy to implement before and after surgery.