Lindon, Utah Plastic Surgeon Discusses Cosmetic Innovation for Skin - Crofts MD Plastic Surgery

Lindon, Utah Plastic Surgeon Discusses Cosmetic Innovation for Skin

Lindon, Utah Plastic Surgeon Discusses Cosmetic Innovation for Skin

 Yes, our skin naturally begins to lose its youthful appearance the more we age. But we also fail to protect our skin from acne, wind burn, sunburn and so on.

When aging and skin damage mix, that attractive look from our younger years can diminish. It leaves people feeling discouraged and even less confident in themselves.

Turn your efforts to the new skin rejuvenation procedure offered by Lindon, Utah plastic surgeon Kimball Crofts. Total FX laser treatment is quickly becoming a hit with patients at his practice.

“Aesthetica Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa is the first to offer this skin rejuvenation laser treatment,” says Dr. Crofts. “Prior to this advanced technology, there was nothing completely effective in tightening the skin without excessive downtime and long-term side effects.”

There are many reasons why Dr. Crofts replaced his previous skin rejuvenation treatment with Total FX. Now, patients can enjoy a combination of micro-ablative treatment and spot treatment.

This means that a person’s array of skin problems can be wiped out completely. From wrinkles and scarring to sun blemishes, Total FX erases years of damage.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about going under the knife.

Total FX utilizes fractional lasers to peel off the upper layer of the skin’s surface, creating a new layer of skin. The technology also promotes collagen formation and tissue regeneration, the bedrocks for healthy skin.

Those who have browsed through countless skin rejuvenation options know the frustration of how long it may take to finally see results.

Thanks to the unprecedented knowledge and experience of Dr. Crofts, patients see outstanding results with Total FX in just four to five days of major healing. Side effects, which include redness, swelling and peeling, are typically held to a minimum.
Considering that a 30-minute treatment lasts several years, it’s apparent why Total FX continues to rise in popularity not only with doctors, but patients as well.

“Take advantage of this laser’s unique technology,” says Dr. Crofts. “In only one treatment, pigmentation, skin tone and texture drastically improve.”

As with all of Dr. Crofts’ plastic surgery procedures, patients should set realistic goals when choosing to improve their appearance.

It’s time to regain your confidence with Total FX laser treatment. If you wish to enjoy taut, beautiful skin, give us a call. We always provide our patients with the most modern and effective cosmetic treatment options.
We guarantee you will love the results.

Aesthetica is a trusted provider of cosmetic surgery in the Lindon, Utah area. Please contact our office to learn more.