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Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation or a combination of a breast augmentation and breast lift is a great way to restore fullness and correct the sagging that often comes with having children, losing weight, or aging. Although these procedures are popular throughout the Western world, common misconceptions often create a stigma around the procedures and the individuals who undergo surgery.

Misconception 1: Breast implants look and feel unnatural

There are plenty of women who receive breast augmentation and end up with unnatural looking breasts. Sometimes this is a personal preference and sometimes this is the result of a ‘botched’ procedure. Many women are concerned that they will have a ‘fake’ look with breast implants. Nowadays, there are so many different shapes, styles, and sizes available, so it is possible to have an augmentation that looks and feels close to a natural breast.

Misconception 2: I can have a breast augmentation and breast lift at the same time and see desired results immediately

Breast augmentations and breast lifts are two distinctive procedures: one makes the breasts larger and the other can make them smaller while also lifting and tightening. Therefore,revision surgery may be needed in some cases to get your optimal results. Your personal goals and individual physical needs determine whether or not you should stage the procedures and allow your body to recover in between operations. Depending on the patient, staging the procedures can sometimes lowers the risk of postoperative complications like skin breakdown, reduced nipple sensation, or complete nipple loss.

Misconception 3: I do not want a breast lift because of visible incisions.

Breasts are individual and require different incisions in different locations to get great results. Breasts with more sagging typically require more incisions to properly lift and shape the breast. Cosmetic surgery should be an informed decision and discussing your goals and receiving answers to questions is extremely important before making a choice. Although there may be visible incisions after breast lift surgery they normally heal very well and are not as noticeable after the full healing period.  Many women feel having visible incisions are worth it in order to get the breast shape and volume they desire.